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Travel back in time with these retro styled presets!

15 presets to give your photos that familiar retro look that digital cameras are missing. Each preset gives a distinct retro look, so you can achieve exactly the style you want with just one click.


Compatible with Lightroom (Mobile, CC, Classic 7.3 and newer) and Photoshop (Camera Raw), plus other software that is compatible with .xmp and .dng preset files.

The presets can be downloaded and installed directly on your phone.

35mm Film Preset Pack

  • This license grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to make use of the presets you have purchased.


    This license is for one copy (one seat, or one usage at any one time) of the preset, installed on up to 2 of your computers.


    You can use the presets to create an unlimited number of different End Products. End Products being edited photos, designs, or other visuals. 


    You can sell End Products created using the presets, to any number of people. As explained further on, the End Products must not contain the action or preset itself. Meaning you could sell an edited photo to a client, or you could sell a stock photo edited with the filters, but you couldn’t sell a product that includes the action files.


    You can’t re-distribute the presets. For example if you purchase the presets you can’t share them with a friend.


    You can’t incorporate or distribute the presets with an End Product. But you may link the users of the End Product to where they can directly license the actions or presets.


    Finally, this license can be terminated at any time, if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop using the Tool and delete it from your computers.


    All sales are final.

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